Our Services

The emphasis of our practice is on much more than returns. Our goal is for the families we work with to feel like they have their own family investment office and financial concierge. We consider these families to be among the most important people in our lives and take their results very personally.  Accessibility, transparency, and diligence are the primary tenants we focus on to enhance the investment experience. 

Along with accessibility for prompt service as needs arise, we also provide access to money managers that have been discovered by years of due diligence.  We believe these managers to be the best in their prospective fields, whether it be growth, value, dividend-payers, fixed income, or international exposure.  They have been carefully selected over a long period of time based off of their investment philosophies, quantitative models, and strict screening criteria.  These managers do a great job of allocating assets to companies that deserve it, and achieving the desired investment outcome over time.

We find great joy in taking things that are complicated and making them simple.  Whether it be consolidating the most meaningful market insights, allocating investments, or navigating regulations, our primary effort is to help achieve long-term results with an experience that is as smooth as possible.  The friendships and trust fostered with our clients mean everything to us.  In an era of call centers and bureaucracy, we are excited to provide our friends and family with the service they deserve.